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Student's Feedback

I chose ACT for its price, date and good review.

It has been a very positive experience from start to finish. I learned a lot about teaching and how to be a great teacher. Whitney is a great teacher it has been a pleasure to be in her class.

TEFL TESOL Certificate Course China

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In-Class TEFL course in China

The demand of English Language and English teachers in China is quite high and the preference of native English speakers has always been noted. ESL (English as Second Language) / EFL (English as Foreign Language) teachers are flocking together in China in response to the great demand for teaching English there. In China, English teachers are a hot commodity and schools from kindergarten through university want a foreign face to place in front of their pupils.

TEFL Course Location in China

TESOL course in China, will take place in the modern city of Shanghai. Shanghai is the biggest metropolis of China with a cosmopolitan environment. The TESOL course fee of China is very reasonable in comparison to other TEFL course providers in China. During the TEFL program, the teachers will be able to explore the ESL market in China.

Teaching in China

TESOL trained teachers can teach in the language schools / government / private schools of China located all over China.

The jobs offer extra facilities like accommodation, sometimes free air fare, medical allowances, etc, which are reasons, good enough, for captivating interested teachers to come and teach English in China.

Benefits of TEFL Certification Course in Shanghai, China

  • An internationally acclaimed 120 hrs (three weeks' full time) of TESOL certificate program from Asain College Of Teachers in China is followed by placement assistance in China.
  • TESOL training inculcates in you, all the instrumental techniques of teaching basic language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing to speakers of other languages.
  • The exotic locations of China elevate your learning and working to the level of pleasure and leisure.
  • TEFL Certification at an attractive and very special price of US$ 950.
  • Accommodation is provided during the TESOL course in China by ACT at a nominal cost starting from 200 USD and going up to 650 USD.
  • Visa Support
  • Airport pick up in China
  • Unique cultural experience during the TEFL course in China.
  • There is an opportunity to learn Mandarin during TESOL course in China, which is helpful incase the teachers want to take up ESL jobs in China.
Location Overview Program Details Accommodation Course Dates Fees