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Feedback for Regular In Class TESOL

Post On : 21-04-2017
Bangkok, Thailand

An affordable, memorable, informative, fantastic experience. The course manager went above and beyond to help us settle into Thailand, and went even further to help us find work. In regards to the instructor... I don't imagine you could find anyone better. She was personable, fun, informative, and more. She pushes you to be your best!

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Wendy Le

Feedback for Regular In Class TESOL

Post On : 21-04-2017
Bangkok, Thailand

I have many good experience with the course. For example, I met many people have the same passion with me and the trainer is very awesome. I have a chance to practice with the students from kindergarten to high school. After that I receive many feedbacks from my classmates and the trainer who helped me a lot to improve my confidence. I really appreciate it.

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Brendon Van Der Merwe

Feedback for Regular In Class TESOL

Post On : 21-04-2017
Bangkok, Thailand

It was the best. I had so much fun and would do it all over again. Our teacher June was the best and she literally taught us how to teach in just 3 weeks. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Is da beeeeeesssssssstttttt

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Tun Khant

Feedback for Regular In Class TESOL

Post On : 21-04-2017
Bangkok, Thailand

Was fun, crazy and exciting. The trainer was the best teacher ever hard, seriously!!! Since we young the teachers we has were boring, average or strict. But the trainer I had was cool and enjoyful. Class is so exciting that everyday I hope to go to that class.

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ESL Jobs Description in Thailand, Teaching Jobs Description

TESL certified teachers in Thailand normally teach not more than 24 classes per week. Most schedules vary between 20-22 hours per week. Classes are 50-60 minutes long depending on the school. Most teachers will teach each class once per week.

English teachers with TEFL qualification will be required to hand in a lesson planning every month at the end of the month.

For Thai Schools Teachers will work at the school Monday-Friday from the hours of 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. (Timing may change for different schools but general timing is mentioned) For Language Schools, teachers have teaching sessions mostly during the evening and weekends.

Teachers will not be required to teach on Thai National holidays. Saturdays and Sundays there is no class for Thai schools but Language Schools are busier during the week ends.

Teachers will attend the morning assembly which usually begins between 8:00 am depending on the school.

Teachers will prepare (hopefully creative) lesson plans each week for each level/grade that they teach. Teachers will likely be asked by the school and us to provide examples of lesson plans.

Teachers will act in a professional manner both inside and outside of school. You will be a representative for us, your country, and most importantly yourself.

  • Attendance / Punctuality
  • Smart / Neat Appearance and dress
  • Organize lesson plans
  • Adaptability to Thai culture
  • Relationship with Thai teachers
  • Teachers will dress in an appropriate fashion.

In schools, males are expected to wear dress pants (no jeans or cargo pants) and a button-up/collared long or short sleeve dress shirt (no golf shirts). Ties are required on Mondays and all special occasions/days/festivities (e.g. Teacher Appreciation Day). Ties may be required by some schools on a daily basis. Brown or black dress shoes are accepted (no running shoes or sandals). Males are expected to be clean shaven. Facial hair is allowed only if it is properly trimmed and is presentable on a daily basis. Earrings or visible facial rings (eyebrow, lip, nose, chin, etc) are not accepted. Visible tattoos are not accepted. Generally hair should be short and presentable. Males with long hair may be expected to wear it pulled back and presentable.

Outside schools, males are free to wear what they please, with a reminder that no matter how hot it is, it is not acceptable (in Thai society) to not wear a shirt in public (unless at a beach, etc).

In schools, females are expected to wear knee length or longer skirts with a presentable blouse (no low cut or revealing shirts). Shoes should be dress shoes - open toe and high heel shoes are acceptable (no sandals or running shoes). Visible facial rings (eyebrow, lip, nose, chin, etc.) are not accepted. Earrings are accepted providing that they are not worn in excessive numbers (E.g. 4 earrings in each ear). Hair should be presentable. Visible tattoos are not accepted.

Outside schools, females are free to wear what they please, with a reminder that revealing clothes are not considered acceptable for female teachers at any time (in Thai society).

Dress codes in Thai government schools may seem strict at first, but appearances and first impressions are extremely important in Thailand. If you are a teacher, you will be expected to dress accordingly especially in school.

Teachers will participate in an English club for students once per week. This is scheduled during school hours at the same time as various other clubs available to students. This can usually be done as a group with any other foreign teachers at the school.

Teachers will respect all rules and regulations of the school unless otherwise notified by us.

Teachers will keep organized records of student's weekly attendance as well as grades and additional notes

Teachers will evaluate the listening and speaking skills of each student throughout the year.

Teachers will perform the greeting activity once per week. This consists of simply greeting students and parents at the school front gates from roughly 7:30am-8:00am. All Thai teachers rotate this responsibility as well.

Teachers will perform the English 1 minute activity once per week. This consists of planning a short (2-3 minutes) speech/message to present during the morning assembly in English. Topics may include ideas such as public service type announcements, riddles, tongue twisters, idioms, slang, nursery rhymes, etc. This can be done as a group with any other foreign teachers at the school.

Teachers will perform the Star Talk activity for 5 minutes before starting each class. This consists of teaching the students a short introduction and then having them introduce themselves to the class using the format you provide.

Teachers will attend 1 English Camp for their school per semester. The dates will be arranged by the school. There is little to no preparation required, just attendance and participation. English Camps generally fall on a Saturday and run from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Teachers will teach an after school English class to the Thai teachers. This is generally once per week and can usually be performed as a group with other foreign teachers or split with other foreign teachers. This does not count towards the limit of 24 classes per week.

Teachers will be at school for all Non-Thai national holidays. This includes Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter, Valentine's Day, etc. Most schools have special celebrations on these days and you will be asked to help organize them as you will be the resident expert on Western holidays.

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