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TEFL Certification Course in Thailand - The Gateway to a Brand New Career and a Ticket to ESL Jobs Abroad

Asian College Of Teachers’ TEFL Certification course is popular in Thailand. This course is the minimum requirement to get English teaching jobs in Thailand or anywhere else in the world. This course is ideal for both native and non-native English speakers and is the way to get top ESL jobs in the world. In order to enroll for this course, you need to have a firm grasp over the English language and a passion for teaching. You do not need to be a college graduate or an experienced teacher to become eligible for the course.

ACT’s onsite / in class TEFL Certification course in Thailand is extremely popular with ESL aspirants and at the end of the universally accredited and recognized certification course, you also get to do a paid internship in Thai schools. This is the best package on offer helping you to become a successful ESL teacher by giving you theoretical training as well as a chance to put your knowledge to practice in Thai schools.

Our Course Highlights

Teachers Training for Next Generation Kids

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is the leading Asian teacher education institution building on its success stories as it keeps on producing future global educators and striving to build the future for aspiring teachers from all corners of the world who can show a deeper understanding of teaching methodologies which they can put into practice in diverse classrooms across the globe.

  • Certificate accredited by international bodies

  • Online courses accessible from anywhere

  • 10,000 students completed the course

  • Easy instalment fee structure

  • Award winning educational organization

  • Curriculum endorsed by leading institutions

  • Faculty support throughout the program

  • Job and placement supports

  • Complete the course as per convenience

Why Teach English in Thailand?

An outstanding opportunity to learn from the best, earn more and have fun – all at the same time in Thailand

Asian College of Teachers often receives enquiries about its decision to conduct its onsite TEFL courses in Thailand. The answer is actually very simple. Thailand is a gorgeous country with its serene islands, beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscapes. This country has a very old and rich history that can be traced back to the 13th century and offers the best of the two worlds - old and new. Party-hoppers and shopaholics to museum-gazers and foodies, everyone finds things to do in Thailand. In addition to that, Thailand also has a huge demand for qualified ESL teachers. This is the reason behind the grand success of ACT’s onsite TEFL course in Thailand.

If you take up TEFL jobs in Thailand you get to experience and become a part of this fascinating country and explore its rich culture and heritage and even enjoy the beach parties and the much sought-after nightlife. But even more importantly, there are plenty of ESL job openings in schools, language institutes and other academic institutions. The job openings in multinational corporations like that of Soft Skill Trainers or Business English teachers are also very lucrative career options. The remuneration packages offered for the ESL jobs in Thailand provide a very comfortable standard of living in the country and you can easily even save some.

ACT’s TEFL course in Thailand is conducted by some of the best teachers in the ESL business. The curriculum is up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field of ESL teaching. You also get a guaranteed internship at the end of the course and after that, the doors to most schools and institutions remain open for you.

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Quick Facts

20,000 Alumni and growing

We have an extensive and ever growing network of Alumni, 20,000 and counting and it is a sign of the rising popularity of ACT. ACT Alumni can be found all over the world and we, at ACT help the alumni stay connected, share professional experiences, providing with information on academic interactions, life as international teachers and professional know-how.

Alumni of TESOL Course Thailand

Accredited TEFL Courses

All the TEFL courses are accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA. After course completion the candidates receive certification from Asian College of Teachers (ACT), London School of Teaching and Training (LSTT) and Fort Hays State University (FHSU).

Accredited TEFL Courses Thailand

ESL Jobs and Placement

The candidates are provided with 100% placement support after successful completion of the course. They are provided placement support through partner portals and can learn about job vacancies from Facebook page ACT Konnect. There is no dearth of ESL jobs across the globe and candidates can choose from diverse ESL job openings which can be a ticket to an international career.

ESL Jobs and Placement

ACT News & Blogs

ACT news and blogs help the candidates learn about the latest trends and updates regarding the international TEFL scenario. These blogs and news are not only helpful to keep the TEFL aspirants up to date but provide them with resources about modern EFL teaching, TEFL ideas and methods, information about lesson plans, cultural knowledge, country information and many more.

News and Blogs

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