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I chose ACT for its price, date and good review.

It has been a very positive experience from start to finish. I learned a lot about teaching and how to be a great teacher. Whitney is a great teacher it has been a pleasure to be in her class.

TEFL Course Thailand - Chiang Mai

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Confused after going through so many locations on this website and can't decide which one to go for? In that case, Chiang Mai is sure to baffle you some more with its enticing scenic beauty, proving itself as a tempting and competitive location for hosting the TEFL Course.

With sensational mountainous backdrop, soft adventure, an eclectic blend of history and a laid back charm, Chiang Mai, embraces foreigners cordially and gracefully and rightly proves itself, as Thailand's " Rose of the North"- a term which is so apt and appropriately given to the place. From 700-year old temples, the pretty moats, Buddhist temples, sections of fortified wall and restored entrance gates to cascading waterfalls and bustling markets, Chiang Mai has an enormous list of places of attractions which captivate the foreigners and compel them to get lost in it's delightful charm.

The temples atop mountains, offering sweeping valley views, night markets are treasure trove of cultural and natural bounty that unfailingly appeals to visitors from different parts of the world.

What is In- Class TEFL Course Chiang Mai ?

The In-class TEFL Course Chiang Mai consisting of systematic and organized teaching means and techniques has been planned out in a way to form a specialized TESOL training course covering 4 weeks including all the important teaching factors and 6 hours of observed teaching practice which make it a constructive, and well-structured short-term TEFL / TESOL course confirming a fruitful ESL career to the TEFL trainees.

Why In- Class TESOL Course?

One should go for the TEFL Course Chiang Mai, for various reasons, the purpose of certifying TESOL/TEFL trainees to become ESL teachers within a span of 4 weeks being the most special feature of the course. The certified teachers can teach students ranging from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, universities, language schools to even corporate houses. The TEFL Course Chiang Mai even prompts the certified teachers to teach as voluntary teachers to the needy and impoverished helping them get proper education and knowledge in English. Another salient feature of the TEFL Course Chiang Mai is that practical teaching sessions are organized in local schools so that the TEFL/TESOL trainees can begin their teaching job from there and they get an opportunity to show what they learnt during the course and how well they understood the lessons. Proper training given by some of the best TEFL/TESOL trainers of the ESL field along with a detailed analysis and evaluation on the basis of the teaching practices by the trainees, prove extremely beneficial for the latter to rectify their errors and make great ESL teachers in the future. Moreover, TEFL Course Chiang Mai comes handy at a moderate charged course fee of 1400 USD (approx.). Last but not the least, the quaint and walled city of Chiang Mai surrounded by mountains with legendary, mystical attributes, is a keystone of getting enrolled for the TEFL Course Chiang Mai.

Who should attend TEFL Chiang Mai?

Asain College Of Teachers has organized the TEFL Course Chiang Mai which is for everyone, one who is just out of school or who has a fairly good flair in English or be it native English speakers or non-native English speakers who is disappointed of being declined by TESOL institutes on basis of racial discrimination, or for all those who do not carry a degree or diploma certificate or someone who does not have a teaching experience or prior teaching qualification. A drive to become an ESL teacher and an urge to expand one's skills and knowledge are the qualities needed in a candidate for taking up the TEFL Course in Chiang Mai.

Project Features of TEFL Chiang Mai

TEFL Course Chiang Mai is Asain College Of Teachers's a rewarding project of 4 weeks with an economical fee of 1400 USD (approx).This TEFL Course in Chiang Mai, has been well set-up with a structured and properly formulated teaching methodologies and measures for enabling the TEFL trainees become certified and influential ESL teachers teaching English as a Second Language all over the world. ACT has hired some of the most experienced and qualified TEFL trainers who have been associated with the ESL field for more than 10 years and the course curriculum is designed and formulated in a way to meet international standards which make ACT's TEFL certificate worthy and useful world-wide. The 4 weeks' on-site training program is an all-inclusive and compact TESOL Course, which prepare the trainees as potential upcoming ESL teachers.

The benefits and features of the TEFL Course Chiang Mai:

  • Both native and non-native English speakers are eligible to take up this course.
  • No age limitations.
  • No teaching experience or qualification is required to enroll for this course.
  • A Degree or Diploma is not a pre-requisite either.
  • Course fee is highly affordable and the course is totally worth the money.
  • TEFL Course Chiang Mai does not entail one to complete a job assignment in order to obtain the certificate.
    Once can easily get certified immediately after completing the 4 week course.
  • The course is conducted by ACT which is acclaimed and accredited world-wide and the certificate acts as a valuable ticket to enter into the ESL world.
  • The TEFL trainers are highly qualified and experienced and dedicate themselves whole-heartedly to certify the trainees and make great ESL teachers out of them.
  • TEFL Course Chiang Mai comprises various methodologies including teaching practice sessions in the local schools which provide a good platform and exposes the TEFL trainees to real life classroom experience which prove beneficial in their future.
  • The TEFL certified candidates can expect to get 100% job assistance from ACT's trainers and administrative staffs who cooperate in every possible way with the trainees with placement, once they complete the 4 week on-site TESOL Course successfully.
  • TEFL Course in Chiang Mai certify TEFL trainees to get jobs in schools world-wide, teaching kindergarten kids, primary and secondary school students as well as adults and even help them become corporate trainers.
  • This course also helps the trainees to take up voluntary teaching working towards the cause of poor children and helping them become educated to a certain level.
  • And needless to say that if you are adventurous and a traveler at heart, then Chiang Mai is one of the most popular tourist destinations where you can spend a remarkable holiday and the TEFL Course Chiang Mai acts as an extra benefit, helping you to become an eligible and Certified teacher, recognized world-wide.
Location Overview Program Details Accommodation Course Dates Fees