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Feedback for Regular In Class TESOL

Post On : 21-04-2017
Bangkok, Thailand

An affordable, memorable, informative, fantastic experience. The course manager went above and beyond to help us settle into Thailand, and went even further to help us find work. In regards to the instructor... I don't imagine you could find anyone better. She was personable, fun, informative, and more. She pushes you to be your best!

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Wendy Le

Feedback for Regular In Class TESOL

Post On : 21-04-2017
Bangkok, Thailand

I have many good experience with the course. For example, I met many people have the same passion with me and the trainer is very awesome. I have a chance to practice with the students from kindergarten to high school. After that I receive many feedbacks from my classmates and the trainer who helped me a lot to improve my confidence. I really appreciate it.

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Brendon Van Der Merwe

Feedback for Regular In Class TESOL

Post On : 21-04-2017
Bangkok, Thailand

It was the best. I had so much fun and would do it all over again. Our teacher June was the best and she literally taught us how to teach in just 3 weeks. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Is da beeeeeesssssssstttttt

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Tun Khant

Feedback for Regular In Class TESOL

Post On : 21-04-2017
Bangkok, Thailand

Was fun, crazy and exciting. The trainer was the best teacher ever hard, seriously!!! Since we young the teachers we has were boring, average or strict. But the trainer I had was cool and enjoyful. Class is so exciting that everyday I hope to go to that class.

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TEFL Course in Thailand with Guaranteed ESL Jobs in Thailand

Start date: 2nd Oct '17

Location - Bangkok

Fees - 1099 USD including Accommodation

This is the best and the most lucrative opportunity to experience the culture and hospitality of Thailand, not just as a farang tourist but also to be living amongst the Thai people and teaching English and other subject to the Thai kids. These projects which are currently based in Thailand are best value for money in terms of TESOL training and short term yet well-paying TEFL teaching jobs; helping you to qualify and be globally certified as a TESOL trained teacher, guaranteeing an international standard of teaching skills. This special TESOL qualification and training is recognized and accredited anywhere in the world guaranteeing attractive short term and permanent jobs as TEFL teachers in variety of schools, even after the contract of your special program is over.

As a part of this winning combination of an intensive in class TESOL Certification program followed by 4-5 months of ESL job program, this international level of TESOL training implants within the prospective ESL teachers, all the fundamental TEFL techniques. The real time classroom teaching on the other hand unfolds Thailand for you in its vivid Asiatic colors.


We aim to give our candidates and teachers best accommodation possible. The candidates will be provided accommodation from 2 pm one day before the course starts, and the same needs to be released the day after the completion of the course by 12 noon. The candidates are provided with accommodation in a reputed hotel at the center of Bangkok. The hotel rooms are equipped with all state of the art amenities. All our students are given 1 days extra time to stay after the course.

The hotel in Bangkok is also located in close proximity to restaurants, shopping malls, spa, coffee shops and cyber cafes. There are many places to visit in Bangkok and on weekends the teachers can venture in and around Bangkok.

During the teaching assignment, the teachers are provided with accommodation by the schools. The school in remote areas will not have accommodations up to western standards. Most of the accommodations do not have air conditioner. There are no kitchens in most of the Thai houses. All the accommodations need a deposit amount, which is usually refunded to the candidates after 1 or 2 months. If the school is unable to give the teachers accommodation they will be given accommodation allowance instead.

Job Description

Our teachers are placed all over Thailand and the location or school where the teacher will be placed would depend on the school and placement vacancy. The teachers can get ESL jobs in remote areas or near Bangkok.

A TESOL trained native English teacher enrolled for the Special Thailand Project can look forward to a maximum of 25 hours of teaching; not repeating a single class twice in a week. The class is usually 40-60 minutes long. (depends on the school). The normal class size in a Thai school is about 45-50.

A teaching week is from Monday to Friday, usually from 8am till 4.30pm. (timings vary from school to school), Teachers will have to schedule and submit lessons plans on a monthly basis. Thai schools do not operate on Thai national holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.

ESL teachers' duties include attending the morning assembly at 8 am and prepare separate lesson plans for each level and grades of students on a weekly basis.

ESL teachers under ACT should conduct themselves in a professional manner and portray a positive picture of ACT, their homeland and themselves. It is mandatory for an ACT-placed ESL teacher to respect all rules and regulations of the school.

The teachers should wear formals to the schools and also maintain a descent lifestyle outside school. Revealing clothes are not very well accepted in Thai society, especially by a teacher. Dress codes in Thai Public schools are stricter than the private ones.


Schools are spread in fourteen locations all over Thailand. Some schools are in Bangkok main city and adjoining places. Few locations where the schools are located are Khon Kaen, Petcahaburi, Saraburi, Samutprakan, Nothaburi, Ayuttaya, Samut Prakan, Phuket etc.

Visa & Work Permit

ACT aims at sending the entire set of relevant Visa papers to the respective Thai Embassy / Consulate for processing, 1 month in advance, before the ESL teachers land.

Work Permit can be applied for, only after the teacher has secured the Non-Immigrant B Visa. Application is forwarded, approximately after 2 weeks of teaching. The TESOL trained teachers assigned for ESL teaching in local schools pay for the copies of educational documents, passport pages, health certificate and photographs, whereas the school clears the processing fee in fetching the work permit.

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Quick Facts

20,000 Alumni and growing

We have an extensive and ever growing network of Alumni, 20,000 and counting and it is a sign of the rising popularity of ACT. ACT Alumni can be found all over the world and we, at ACT help the alumni stay connected, share professional experiences, providing with information on academic interactions, life as international teachers and professional know-how.

Alumni of TESOL Course Thailand

Accredited TEFL Courses.

All the TEFL courses are accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA. After course completion the candidates receive certification from Asian College of Teachers (ACT), London School of Teaching and Training (LSTT) and Pebble Hills University (PHU).

Accredited TEFL Courses Thailand

ESL Jobs and Placement

The candidates are provided with 100% placement support after successful completion of the course. They are provided placement support through partner portals and can learn about job vacancies from Facebook page ACT Konnect. There is no dearth of ESL jobs across the globe and candidates can choose from diverse ESL job openings which can be a ticket to an international career.

ESL Jobs and Placement

ACT News & Blogs

ACT news and blogs help the candidates learn about the latest trends and updates regarding the international TEFL scenario. These blogs and news are not only helpful to keep the TEFL aspirants up to date but provide them with resources about modern EFL teaching, TEFL ideas and methods, information about lesson plans, cultural knowledge, country information and many more.

News and Blogs

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