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Professional Doctorate Certificate in Education

Professional Doctorate Certificate in Education


Asian College of Teachers in academic collaboration with European International University (EIU Paris) offers Professional Doctorate in Education for working or experienced professionals willing to put their industry expertise to effective use in evaluating, integrating and employing current knowledge in extraordinary ways particular to their professional fields. The independent research phase is what differentiates the Professional Doctorate from PhD degrees.

A Professional Doctorate degree identifies an individual’s work experience and expertise in his/her area of work. As a result, a Professional Doctorate research emphasizes the application of existing theories and knowledge to one’s area of work to establish the mastery in a specific field of profession leading to advancement in the current profession. One can opt for Professional Doctorate in different areas of Education.

Programs Available:

1. Professional Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction
2. Professional Doctorate in Education
3. Professional Doctorate in Education Administration & Leadership
4. Professional Doctorate in Educational Psychology
5. Professional Doctorate in Special Education
6. Professional Doctorate in Teaching

Duration, Fee & Eligibility

  • Complete the full program within a duration of 3 years
  • Aspirants from all disciplines can take admission to Professional Doctorate

Credits for PD

  • Conducting Accurate Internet Research (Coursework) - 15 ECTS
  • Introduction to Research (Coursework) - 15 ECTS
  • Dissertation (10,000 words research) - 30 ECTS
  • Viva Voce (Thesis) - 30 ECTS
  • Total - 90 ECTS

Individual cases are addressed separately as every applicant’s background and profile are different. Those with the below qualifications can apply for this professional course and ACT representatives will get in touch with the applicant.

  • Recognised Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in any field or equivalent level
  • Life Experience 10+ years
  • English Level – IELTS Level 6.0 or equivalent

Disclaimer: Asian College of Teachers in collaboration with European International University, Paris offers Professional Doctorate which are coursework based and are DIFFERENT from that offered by EIU-Paris PD, which is an Honorary Type Awards programme.

Duration Fees
3 years 2750 USD | 2400 GBP | 93000 THB

Admission Process

To pursue the Professional Doctorate in Education, an individual needs to apply online. There will be an online application form that the individual needs to fill up and submit; providing correct email id and phone number for easy communication later. Once s/he fills up the online application form, s/he will receive the course detail via mail. On enrolment confirmation, the applicant will be informed with course fee payment details that can be paid online using Debit/Credit cards or the applicant may opt for depositing cash, cheque or demand draft. Once the payment is confirmed, the applicant will receive an online application form that needs to be filled out and submitted to get the online access of the course.

What is involved?

What does a Professional Doctorate encompass?
A significant difference in the format of Professional Doctorates is that there is no necessity for increased subject-specific training as a trainee would already be a subject matter expert with his/her years of experience.

ACT’s Professional Doctorate involves four stages:

 Stage 1: Complete the Point Based Application form to check your eligibility
 Stage 2: Complete Study of “Introduction to Research” *
 Stage 3: Complete a Research paper of 10,000 words
 Stage 4: A live online defence in front of a panel

*Through the modules, trainees will become familiar with the theoretical problems relevant to their professional field and reflect on how they can integrate these into their own research project.

During a Doctorate, a trainee needs to focus on:

 Assessing the current state of knowledge in their field
 Evaluating a real-world problem facing their industry
 Understanding various research methods
 Designing and conducting a research study
 Expanding the body of industry knowledge through their research findings.

Credit System:

Academic Credit System (ACS)

Credit System Credits
Total Credits for completion 90
Conducting Accurate Internet Research 15
Introduction to Research (Coursework) 15
TDissertation (10,000 words Research) 30
Viva Voce (Thesis) 30

Disclaimer: Asian College of Teachers in collaboration with European International University, Paris offers Professional Doctorate which is coursework based and is DIFFERENT from that offered by EIU-Paris PD, which is an Honorary Type Awards programme.

Who are Professional Doctorates suited for?

Professional Doctorates are designed for individuals belonging to the public and private sectors. Individuals opting for any of the Professional Doctorates are mostly experienced professionals with some expertise in their fields. With a Professional Doctorate, they can smoothly move ahead in their careers and apply for senior leadership positions where they have proficiency over their area of work. Thus, this program will be beneficial to those willing to apply their knowledge into practice in working environments such as a company, training institution or service.

Is a Professional Doctorate globally recognised?

A Professional Doctorate degree from Asian College of Teachers is recognized as an international qualification by most countries and as a result, many Asian, EU and international students choose to enrol in this program. While most of the international employers recognize a Professional Doctorate, a trainee needs to ensure that it is the same in

Certification & Accreditation

  • Professional Doctorate will be conferred by European International University, Paris.
  • The term ‘Online’ is not mentioned in the certificate
  • ACT is accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC)
  • The prestigious EQAC - Education Quality Accreditation Commission has also accredited Asian College of Teachers (ACT)
  • ACT is also a member of CPD Certification Service UK
  • The European International University, EIU-Paris is a private, independent higher education provider. Read More
  • EIU Paris is a private higher education establishment authorized by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Research, and Innovation.
  • The European International University, EIU-Paris is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC).
  • EIU Paris is duly authorized as a Professional Training service provider in accordance with Article R.6351-6 of the French Employment Code, under the registration number: 11755784775, with the prefecture of the region of ILE-DE-FRANCE.
  • EIU Paris holds organizational membership with CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMICS, a U.K. and Wales registered R&D organization whose sole purpose is to enhance the visibility of research themes beyond global approaches and coverage.
  • Degrees from ACT can be internationally legalized with The Hague Apostille (for Hague signatory countries) or Embassy Legalization (for Hague non-signatory countries)

Disclaimer: Asian College of Teachers in collaboration with European International University, Paris offers Professional Doctorate which is coursework based and is DIFFERENT from that offered by EIU-Paris, which is an Honorary Type Awards programme.

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Asian College of Teachers (ACT) undertakes a continuous review of its teacher training courses to ensure imparting high quality education. However, there might be circumstances outside of ACT’s control which might affect its stakeholders like if you are planning to teach in a different country, applying for a teaching license, pursuing higher studies or trying to get the certificate approved by the Ministry of Education (MoE) of a particular country then you can do so with the certificate issued by Asian College of Teachers (ACT). However, each country’s Ministry of Education (MoE) or educational bodies set certain standards that are indispensable for the pursuit of higher studies or teaching in schools in that country. So it can be a possibility that you may be able to use the certificate for higher studies or teaching purposes in one country and not in another. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you investigate thoroughly and check with the relevant authorities regarding the acceptance of the certificate issued by us before you enrol on a particular course. ACT strives to offer high-quality education and its certificates can be valuable for various purposes internationally, but still it is crucial for individuals to verify the specific recognition of the certificate in the country they intend to use it, especially for formal education or professional licensing purposes. This approach ensures that the stakeholders make informed decisions regarding their educational and career paths.

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