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TEFL Thai Non Native English

TEFL Thai Non Native English

TEFL/TESOL Course for Non Native English Speakers

English Language industry is booming across the world. Both big and small language schools can be seen everywhere creating a great demand for English teachers. An intensive in-class TEFL certificate course of minimum 120 hours, involving a great deal of testing and monitoring of trainees, allows them to emerge as effective EFL/ESL teachers. It improves the language ability including vocabulary, hones the trainee's teaching skills empowering with all the techniques needed for effective teaching of English language.

Of late, there has been a debate regarding natives vs. non-natives as most organizations are keen on hiring native English speakers. For many people, it can be very frustrating. Does that mean you cannot teach English in Thailand, even if you’re willing to? The answer is, no. You can definitely be an EFL/ESL teacher in Thailand, you just need to know where and how to look. The list excludes countries where English is widely spoken and often considered an official language. It also excludes anyone who has learned English over the years and even though it is not their first language.

The globally acclaimed 120 hour TEFL course is rapidly becoming a compulsory qualification for gaining English teaching jobs. TEFL certificate course can be done by non-native speakers of the English language as well, provided they have near native proficiency in the language. They can land excellent non-native English speaking jobs both in their own country and abroad.

Thailand is among one of the most sought after places for teaching English as a non-native speaker. So, what are the qualifications a non-native teaching aspirant need to have to teach in Thailand?

  • A university degree
  • Proficiency in English (reading, writing and speaking)
  • Hold an accredited TEFL certification
  • A knack for teaching
  • Additional- an OEIC score of 600+ or an IELTS score of 5+

A TEFL certificate, definitely, expands your chances of landing a good job with a handsome pay package. Payments in Thailand may not be at par with other countries such as South Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf countries, but the cost of living is quite low, especially in the North. Spend your spare time laying on the beach, hiking waterfalls, or gorging on delicious Thai cuisines.

So, how non-native English speakers can boost their chances of being hired as ESL/EFL teachers in Thailand?
There are some factors needed to keep in mind to boost the chances of getting hired as English teaching jobs for non-native speakers in Thailand:

Be physically present in Thailand

Interviews can happen online too, but being present in the country while looking for a job, is an added advantage. Being physically present there will amp up that trust factor and make your employer confident of you being familiar with their culture. Furthermore, it will be easier for you as you will be knowing your way around the country and won’t experience cultural shock.

Dress to impress

Proper grooming is the key to everything. Making a lasting first impression on your employer is really important. Make sure to get neatly and smartly dressed for your interview will surely boost your chances of getting hired.

Be open-minded

Be open-minded and be keen on teaching other subjects as well, like a geography or science class. This will reflect your passion for teaching and the school will consider you as a willing candidate.

Use your bilingual skills

Being a non-native English speaker, make sure to use your bilingual skills. Stress on the fact that you can manage and control a class alongside dealing with students having problems with learning English.

There exist many people who are not residents of native English-speaking countries like UK, USA; Canada etc. but speak standard English without any obvious flaw. They can easily enrol for the TEFL certificate course and set off on a profitable ESL teaching career as a soft skill, voice and accent trainer or English language instructor in their homeland.

To do the TEFL certificate course, all one needs is the ability to communicate effortlessly in English. Anyone with a good command over the language, even if the person is a non-native speaker of the English language, can avail the course.

Full time teachers will also find this TEFL certificate course that enables one to become more skilled in the art and technique of facilitating the learning of English language to be extremely beneficial. It will train them in a manner that will greatly upgrade their teaching style and benefit both the teachers and their students.

Even persons who have not been in the teaching profession but wish to switch careers may do this course and emerge as certified ESL teachers with a chance to hold teaching positions abroad.

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