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In class TEFL Thailand

In class TEFL Thailand

TEFL/TESOL Course in Thailand

ESL/EFL jobs are high in demand as English is becoming the preferred medium of communication on a more global level, and also the fact that it provides a viable career option. This in turn raised the demand for accredited TEFL certificate, without which it is not possible to secure a profitable ESL teaching assignment.

You may procure the TEFL certificate either by doing an online TEFL course, live online, or on-site courses, as the courses have a common goal, i.e., to prepare you as an efficient and certified ESL teacher. However there exists a slight difference between the onsite and online TEFL certificate courses. To keep you ahead and provide you with a competitive edge in the field of TEFL, Asian College of Teachers also offer TEFL programs in a live online mode to provide you with requisite knowledge and prepare you as a global teaching professional, adept at facing English classrooms across the world.

In-class & online TEFL TESOL Course in Thailand

The in-class TEFL/TESOL course Thailand ensures that the candidates imbibe all the techniques and methodologies from the accomplished trainers in the classroom. The online version achieves the same by making candidates/trainees interact with tech savvy, experienced tutors online or over the internet. The faculty, whether onsite or online in either case is concerned about the trainees’ progress and offers cutting edge technology and sincere assistance to hasten the candidate’s progress. The advantage of onsite training is that the trainees have immediate access to the trainer and proximity helps in resolving certain doubts faster.

The online and onsite courses both offer the fundamentals of theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to be an efficient TEFL teacher.
The online TEFL course is more flexible and allows the candidates to pursue the course at their own pace and convenience; what suits you is important - as there isn't a set time limit for completing each part of the course, the onsite course has a fixed time schedule of 120 hours and it hastens the process of TESOL certification online as once an individual is enrolled for the course, he/she must complete it within the stipulated time.

  • Onsite training holds some obvious benefits.
  • It provides the opportunity to teach students in real life classroom situation.
  • The practice teaching sessions in regular schools with real student are extremely necessary experience for effective implementation of the methodologies taught in the course.
  • This classroom teaching experience helps to concretize what was learnt as theory.
  • The practice teaching experience which is included in onsite training program is also an advantage when successful candidates look for placements.

Thus, the online course may seem cost efficient but there is greater merit in doing onsite as it has greater acceptance since it provides its candidates direct teaching experience.

Live Online TEFL Course

In sync with the advanced communication technology, live online classes have come as a boon and a great tool to continue learning during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a logical notion that any technology, that makes our lives easier without comprising on quality, is likely to be popular among the people. This is indeed a great prospect for trainees to attend live interactive classes online from the comfort of their homes, minus the hassle of daily commute. With a stable internet connection and a communication device, you can now continue with your professional development from any corner of the globe with ACT’s live courses offered in a webinar-based platform. A recent study shows that about 51% of the participants found the webinar-based learning to be more or as effective as classroom trainings or workshops. ACT’s Live Online TEFL Course is being offered to meet the rising acceptance of digital learning platforms where students across the globe can opt for this opportunity to attend live classes on TEFL, facilitated by experienced trainers while participating in live interactive sessions with them and their peers as well, and collaborate in activities with video conferencing technologies. The benefits of our live online classes encompass the facts that its:

  • easy and convenient to attend
  • cost effective
  • interactive like in-class experience
  • availability of seamless recording option
  • wide variety of participants/peers
  • access with knowledgeable experts

The live online approach emphasises sharpening and upgrading professional skills of global educators, trainers, administrators, who want a thriving career in the field of ESL/EFL teaching with specialization in YL/BETT without any geographical restrictions.
The webinar-based course embraces online course access and online assignments together with live and interactive learning sessions under the supervision of an expert TEFL trainer.

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