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TEFL Thai Native English

TEFL Thai Native English

TEFL/TESOL Course for Native English Speakers

TESOL/TEFL can be done by any native English speaker. Inhabitants of nations like United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Canada are regarded as native English speakers and they can easily do a TEFL certification course which will make them eligible to teach their native tongue – English, to people who speak other languages. A properly accredited TEFL certification is a global requirement for EFL/ESL teaching jobs.

Native English Speaking Teachers is much desired by non English speaking countries. All that the native speaker needs, to be an ESL teacher, is to have

  • A TEFL certificate
  • A degree in any discipline from any accredited university
  • A valid passport
  • A permit to work in foreign soil

Some schools and institutions in certain countries may not be rigid about a Bachelor’s degree as an eligibility criterion for an EFL/ESL teacher job but a TEFL certification is an essential pre-requisite for recruiting a teacher. The TEFL certification aids in transforming a native speaker into a qualified English teacher within a short span of time.

A TEFL certified native speaker can:

  • Teach English as a foreign language or a second language to non-native speakers in countries where English is hardly spoken as also in countries where it is the native tongue
  • Individuals looking for a mid-life career shift may opt for the TEFL course and enter the lucrative and adventurous ESL market
  • An early retiree or individual who has taken voluntary retirement can pursue TEFL and can look forward to something exciting and start travelling to distant countries and get employed as a respected EFL/ESL teacher
  • Even teachers already in the profession will also benefit from the course by helping them to hone their teaching skills and help them seek teaching positions abroad
  • Students, fresh out of universities, willing to travel but are unable to do so as they have insufficient finance must enrol in this course as it will furnish them with a certificate and techniques required for acquiring successful EFL/ESL teaching jobs in countries of their preference

A TEFL trained teacher enjoys advantages like extensive travelling around the world as a respected English teacher, earning good money by honest effort which may be used for exploring new destinations and learn about new countries, the people and their culture by living in close proximity with them.

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