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TEFL Course Thailand - Chiang Mai

TEFL Course in Chiang Mai in association with Chiang Mai University

TEFL in-class course Chiang Mai, presented in academic association with Asian College of Teachers and Chiang Mai University can be termed as a combination of a short-term holiday, allowing you to break free from your daily chores of life; and a constructive 4 week TEFL Course in the fabulous location of Chiang Mai.

TEFL/TESOL course in Chiang Mai makes the TEFL trainers eligible for teaching English in Chiang Mai. They are vigorously trained to become great ESL teachers suitable enough to teach in kindergartens, private and public schools, corporate houses, language academies and even can opt for volunteer teaching opportunities. The syllabus and curriculum has been approved and it is authorized to be run by the Language Institute Chiang Mai University.

Why TEFL Course from Language Institute Chiang Mai?

Some of the most important factors of the TEFL Course Chiang Mai for TEFL/TESOL trainees

  • Trainees are able to teach in local schools for the first time, as part of the TEFL teaching practice sessions and get accustomed with foreign classrooms.
  • Molding oneself into a new society and adapting their ways of life could be a great start to new and interesting teaching experience altogether.
  • The course is quite flexible comfortable for all TEFL/TESOL trainees .
  • Reasonable course fee is the most important and notable factors for going for the course.

Chiang Mai, the former seat of the Lanna kingdom is serene and laid-back and will be the perfect location for pursuing TEFL course. The must-visit places in Chiang Mai are Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phra Singh, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Wat Chiang Man, Wat Umong, Elephant Nature Park, Wat Suan Dorg and Wat Suan Dorg amongst many others.

With lots of adventurous sports like Canopy rides, Kayaking, Thai cooking Classes and Massages life is beautiful in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai has no limit in what it offers in the way of dining experiences, bars and clubs. Food ranges from roadside vendors, to fancy fine-dining establishments.

Many expats have relocated to Chiang Mai meaning that one can savour authentic cuisine from all over the world. At night, the beachfronts convert to a romantic dining scene, as palm trees don fairy lights and lanterns, restaurants set out seafood buffets, play chill music and set tables at the water's edge.

Location Overview

About Chiang Mai

With the sensational mountainous backdrop, soft adventure, an eclectic blend of history and a laid back charm, Chiang Mai, embraces foreigners cordially and gracefully and rightly proves itself, as Thailand's "Rose of the North".

One should go for the TEFL certification Chiang Mai course, for various reasons, the purpose of certifying TESOL/TEFL trainees to become ESL teachers within a span of 4 weeks being the most special feature of the course. The certified teachers can teach students ranging from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, language schools to even corporate houses. The TEFL Course Chiang Mai even prompts the certified teachers to teach as volunteer teachers to learners located in remote corners. Another salient feature of the TEFL Course Chiang Mai is that practical teaching sessions are organized in local schools so that the TEFL/TESOL trainees can begin their teaching job from there and they get an opportunity to show what they learnt during the course and how well they understood the lessons. Proper training given by some of the best TEFL/TESOL trainers in the ESL field, along with a detailed analysis and evaluation is done on the basis of the teaching practices by the trainees, proves extremely beneficial for the latter to rectify their errors and work as ESL teachers with confidence. Moreover, TEFL Course Chiang Mai comes handy at a moderately charged course fee of 1400 USD (approx.). The quaint and walled city of Chiang Mai surrounded by mountains with legendary, mystical attributes, is a keystone of getting enrolled for the TEFL Course Chiang Mai.

What is In - Class TEFL Course Chiang Mai?

The In-class TEFL Certification Chiang Mai course consisting of systematic and organized teaching means that techniques have been planned out in a way to form a specialized TESOL training course covering 4 weeks, including all the important teaching factors and 6 hours of observed teaching practice which make it a constructive, and well-structured short-term TEFL / TESOL course confirming a fruitful ESL career to the TEFL trainees.

The course will take place in the University campus which comprises of everything a trainee should require– restaurants, cafes, libraries, fitness centre, athletics track, tennis courts, etc. The syllabus and curriculum has been approved and authorized to be run by the Language Institute Chiang Mai University. The program comprises mostly of practical and hands on activities and micro-teaching sessions, precisely designed to rapidly develop a trainee's confidence and improve their techniques in the classroom. Our teaching practical sessions at local schools include practical application of methodology and pedagogy in the classrooms that are closely observed by our experts accompanying them. In other words, trainees can expect to get a holistic academic learning experience with perfect integration of Thai culture in the TEFL course.

Who should attend TEFL Chiang Mai?

Asian College Of Teachers, in association with Chiang Mai University, has organized the TEFL Course Chiang Mai – an international teaching course, perfect for all native English speaking candidates or for those with a fairly good flair in English. A drive to become an expert ESL teacher and an urge to expand one's skills and knowledge in the international English teaching field are some of the qualities needed in a candidate for taking up the TEFL Course in Chiang Mai.

Project Features of TEFL Chiang Mai

TEFL Course Chiang Mai is a rewarding project brought to you in association with Asian College Of Teachers and Chiang Mai University, Thailand. The program consists of 4 weeks with an economical fee of 1400 USD (approx). TEFL Course in Chiang Mai, has been well set-up with a structured and properly formulated teaching methodologies and measures for enabling the TEFL trainees to become certified and successful ESL teachers teaching English as a Second Language all over the world. Classes will be held in the University campus. Trainers of the University are needless to say, are experienced and qualified TEFL trainers who have been associated with the ESL field for considerable period of time. The course curriculum is designed and formulated in a way to meet international standards which make our TEFL certificate worthy and useful world-wide.

The benefits and features of the TEFL Course Chiang Mai:

  • Receive the highest quality of instruction
  • Both native and non-native English speakers are eligible to take up this course
  • No age limitations
  • No teaching experience or qualification is required to enroll in this course
  • A Degree or Diploma is not a prerequisite either
  • Course fee is highly affordable and the course is totally worth the money
  • Classes to be held in Chiang Mai university campus
  • The campus contains everything a trainee should require– restaurants, cafes, libraries, fitness centre, athletics track, tennis courts, etc.
  • TEFL Course Chiang Mai does not entail one to complete a job assignment in order to obtain the certificate
  • Earn TEFL certificate just after completing the 4 weeks course, signed and authorized by the Vice President for International Relations, Chiang Mai University

Program Details

TEFL Chiang Mai, to be held in the Gulf of Thailand, is great to pursue your TEFL course before venturing into the field of TEFL. Among our array of internationally accredited TEFL courses, the 4-week TEFL course offered by Asian College of Teachers in association with Chiang Mai University will equip you with the knowledge and ability to obtain a TEFL job worldwide. The best learning environment for TEFL, Chiang Mai University remains unparalleled – it boasts of air conditioned classrooms, multimedia labs, self-access learning resource, library accommodating textbooks and resources to help the students with their course.

In order to imbibe the beauty and vibrant culture of Chiang Mai we do conduct our teaching practical sessions at local temple schools, where the practical application of methodology and pedagogy in the classrooms are closely observed. These sessions are indeed great for you to brush up your learning’s before you gear up to teach English in Chiang Mai.

TFEL Course Chiang Mai also includes sessions on resume (CV) writing, job hunting and interviewing. In addition, the course trainers will offer one on one job assistance to trainees who request it.

Certification and Accreditation

  • On successful completion of the course, the candidates will receive a globally recognized certificate from Asian College of Teachers.
  • Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) a member of British Quality Foundation, has accredited Asian College of Teachers (ACT)
  • The prestigious EQAC - Education Quality Accreditation Commission has accredited Asian College of Teachers (ACT) that has met all the standards set by this Commission
  • ACT TEFL courses are accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA
  • CPD Certification Service, UK has certified ACT’s TEFL programs
  • All courses are accredited by International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)
  • Asian College of Teachers is a member of ACTFL - American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
  • (ACT) is a member of the International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT)
  • ACT is a now an institutional member of IATEFL or International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
  • All ACT courses are endorsed by NCC Education, an awarding organisation and a global provider of British education


Accommodation choices

Accomodation will be at Nandamalee Place - 'home-from-home'. the place is situated near the university campus. The private room starts from 7,500 Baht per month approx. (excluding utilities* and deposit) with a/c, cable television, Wi-Fi and private bathroom. It also has coffee shops, restaurants, laundry service, and 7/11 nearby.

*water and electricity

TEFL Chiang Mai Dates & Fees

TEFL Chiang Mai Dates -
Weekend classes
  • 20th July- 26th October 2024
    ( no class on 12th Oct due to Navami)
    (2 pm to 5 pm (IST))

Weekday classes

  • 21st August - 9th October 2024
    ( no class on 2nd Oct)
    (3 pm to 6 pm (IST))

Our Total fee in Chiang Mai is provided to you at 35000 INR / 17500 THB / 500 USD / 375 GBP only. For enrolling in our TESOL course, you need to pay an initial deposit amount of 17500 THB as Registration Fee. The remaining payment has to be cleared 7 days prior to the commencement of the course date.

ACT Alumni Speak


Asian College of Teachers (ACT) undertakes a continuous review of its teacher training courses to ensure imparting high quality education. However, there might be circumstances outside of ACT’s control which might affect its stakeholders like if you are planning to teach in a different country, applying for a teaching license, pursuing higher studies or trying to get the certificate approved by the Ministry of Education (MoE) of a particular country then you can do so with the certificate issued by Asian College of Teachers (ACT). However, each country’s Ministry of Education (MoE) or educational bodies set certain standards that are indispensable for the pursuit of higher studies or teaching in schools in that country. So it can be a possibility that you may be able to use the certificate for higher studies or teaching purposes in one country and not in another. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you investigate thoroughly and check with the relevant authorities regarding the acceptance of the certificate issued by us before you enrol on a particular course. ACT strives to offer high-quality education and its certificates can be valuable for various purposes internationally, but still it is crucial for individuals to verify the specific recognition of the certificate in the country they intend to use it, especially for formal education or professional licensing purposes. This approach ensures that the stakeholders make informed decisions regarding their educational and career paths.

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