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Hospitals in Thailand

Hospitals in Thailand

While pursuing the TEFL course in Thailand, the trainees can get quick access adequate to treatment available throughout Thailand in case of any medical emergency. In Bangkok, excellent facilities exist for routine, long term and emergency medical care. You can resort to hospitals and clinics run by well-trained doctors and nurses in times of medical help. In cases of emergencies, do not get panic stricken and keep in mind that an ambulance is just a call away. Also, it comes as a relief for the TEFL students that the medical expenses in Thailand are only a fraction of the expenses that you might incur in Europe or the United States.

Thailand has, over the years, become a hotspot in medical tourism by extending excellent medical facilities to mostly European patients. So, for all the upcoming trainees who are planning for the TEFL course in Thailand must not worry about medical or health check-up or treatment as the standard of treatment and technology is quite high and updated.

The TEFL trainees would find that there are few medical hospitals in Thailand which are favourable among the foreigners for their renowned medical facilities. Bumrungrad Hospital in Sukhumvit is quite popular among the residents in that area. However, Bangkok General Hospital and Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital are also very popular. In fact, Bumrungrad hospital attracts twice as many patients as India. This further underlines the fact that Thailand is the preferred destination among the westerners.

If you have enrolled for a TEFL course in Thailand and before you set off for the country, in case you want to do some research about the medical facilities here, provides all the information an ESL teacher needs to know regarding the medical facilities available in Bangkok and other major cities of the country. It is an independent body with no affiliation to any dentist, clinic or intermediary medical service provider.

The TEFL students can get information regarding any vaccination and other health precautions from CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). The hotline for international travelers is 1-877-FYI-TRIP (1-877-394-8747). The internet site for CDC is Further health information for travellers including infectious diseases can be obtained from

So, before coming to Thailand, all the TEFL trainees must remember that there is an epidemic of HIV infection and AIDS in Thailand. Heterosexual transmissions account for most infections but HIV is also on the rise among men who have sex with other men. HIV is also very common among prostitutes of both sexes and injection drug abusers.

Caution for the TEFL trainees:

The CDC, WHO and Thai authorities have confirmed human cases of H5N1 strain of Avian Influenza, commonly known as 'bird flu'. Trainees and travellers to Thailand and other countries affected by the virus should avoid poultry farms and limit contact with live animals in food markets. Please note that CDC and WHO recommend eating only fully cooked poultry and eggs.

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