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Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand

Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand

English teaching certification courses in Thailand or TEFL course Thailand opens the scope of voluntary teaching projects in Thailand at various schools ranging from nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, etc.

TEFL qualified volunteer teachers can expect to teach children as young as 3 years age or old as 22 years of age. Most volunteers work in primary schools where learners are of the age from 4 years to about 11 years. Inevitably, class sizes are big with some up to 50 students, but this can be divided between two volunteers. Volunteers are expected to teach for about 4 hours per day depending upon placements.

One good thing about volunteering and teaching English in Thailand is that being a qualified teacher with a TEFL certification, in whichever school you may work in, you would be very much needed. The volunteer teachers generally teach grammar and structure of the English language.

ESL or EFL certified teachers with no prior work experience can benefit from voluntary teaching initially as they can get some good practical exposure by teaching in various schools. Thailand has earned some reputation where tourists from all over the world may throng in and benefit from some voluntary teaching experience in numerous schools. Aspiring TEFLers willing to volunteer during gap year, career break or as a part of an extended holiday have a great role to play as volunteer teachers and their work is highly appreciated. Sometimes, they are given free accommodation and food allowances as a token of recognition for their work catered. Generally, they work free of cost and help poor children study English language and others.

TESOL qualified teachers who are willing to do voluntary teaching are expected to teach between 8:30 am - 3:30 pm, i.e., one should have approximately 18 hours of classes a week. Singing the national anthem and respecting the national flag is important. You should encourage students to develop knowledge about subjects of their interest, teach them about foreign culture or discuss about various sports and raise their interest level to interact with you and take joy in the voluntary classes.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language courses (TEFL) or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) prove beneficial to Thai students to learn English through primary and secondary school, but in rural areas with few or no foreigners, students seldom get any chance to practice the language as the opportunity to study English with a foreign English teacher is mainly meant for students from prosperous families. Less privileged learners do study English in class, but the emphasis is mainly on grammar and rote learning rather than enhancing speaking and listening skills. Unfortunately for rural Thai students, having poor English skills means reduced education and job opportunities in the future. This is the reason it’s vital for volunteers to step up and lend their time and English language expertise in Thai schools. Placing TEFL qualified volunteers in rural schools can really help redress the imbalance and situation where English speakers can really help Thai students with their listening and speaking skills. Not only that, but having a foreign volunteer at their school is a very fun and exciting prospect for Thai students who will have an opportunity to learn from you about foreign people and culture!

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