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TEFL Jobs Worldwideh

TEFL Jobs Worldwide

TEFL Jobs Worldwide

Teaching English around the world is certainly one of the most inspiring and fulfilling experiences you will have. You’ll get the scope to earn some good money as there are countries where you can get an excellent salary and receive other benefits as well.

The global demand for English teachers is increasing in sync with the rise in English being considered as the globally accepted means of communication. Apart from teaching, it throws open a wide range of job opportunities in the field of communications, business, corporate sector etc. English language has introduced new age online English Teaching Jobs abroad thus uplifting the ESL (English as Second Language) or TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) jobs to a new status.

The rising popularity of the English language as a medium of communication has added enormously to the popularity of English Language teaching opportunities, which was originally limited to British Isles. Now, it has spread beyond the confinements of British Empire to other parts of the world. Being certified in TEFL has become a prerequisite in a number of fields and professions and, as a result, over a billion people speak at least basic level of English. In the present competitive world, people are realizing the value of English and how it equips them with knowledge and skills required in their chosen profession.

ESL teachers are much in demand in Asia, South America, Africa and Europe. In Asia, countries like Japan, Taiwan, South Korea have the highest demand for ESL teachers. Latin America and Europe are also hot spots of ESL teachers. The teachers thus get the wonderful opportunity to travel to beautiful locations and at the same time earn money by teaching English.

What is teaching English as a second language around the world?

English Teaching opportunities abroad is picking up pace recently. Travelling around the world and teaching English is a great way to visit exotic locations around the world. There has been a steep increase in the number of native and non-native students preparing themselves to teach this International Language by attending the numerous English Teachers' Training Institutes, which pledge to place the trained teachers in ESL assignments abroad. The ESL teachers travel to different locations where they spend a good amount of time immersing in the local culture, taste local food and observe different traditions, develop a new perspective on life and broaden their horizon.

Can you make a living teaching English abroad?

Absolutely yes! While deciding on a location, reflect on certain factors such as whether your goals are simply to earn enough to travel, or to live abroad, or you are aiming to save some money. After deciding this, zero in on the cost of living and the salary for every location to finalise a place where you’re most likely to achieve your financial goals. It’s crucial to remember that while you stay overseas, you need to live like the locals do and not spending money on various types of indulgence or sightseeing. You will need to get used to the local price tags, whether good or bad - when it comes to eating, paying for medical expenses, renting accommodation and more. So, before you step forward, it’s essential that you research about locations and learn the things you need to do to teach English abroad. There are a plenty of ESL jobs abroad. The maximum demands for English teachers are in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Of late, The Middle East is also seeing a steady rise in the demand for certified ESL/EFL teachers. Each year Asia, Europe and Latin America are packed with teachers from various countries who go there to teach English. At the same time, they get the scope to travel all over the continent.

What creates English teaching job opportunities?

English language teachers are in constant demand in both the developed and the developing countries. Every metropolis and big city houses around 30 to 100 language schools. Apart from these institutes, private schools also recruit 10 -50 teachers each year. It is assumed that around 3,00,000 English teachers are needed for 40,000 language schools worldwide. The teaching contracts are generally limited to 6 to 12 months as the usual lot of native English speakers prefer a short-term employment. Thus, the constant demand for teachers actually becomes a cycle. The process of employing teachers is easy and uncomplicated it is usually done over the phone or internet.

Some things to keep in mind:

Types of students
An ESL teacher is expected to teach a diverse category of students: from college goers, to school and pre-school children, to housewives, to corporate employees. Good command over English is required for better career prospects. The popularity of internet, text message, emails etc. has further enhanced the need for English.

Teaching jobs in private schools
ESL teachers can find employment in the different language schools that are rapidly growing in countries around the world. Conversational English is the prime focus in these language institutes. These private schools organize English camps in summer and for adults in corporate offices. You’ll need to spend between 100 to 120 hours a month in these institutes.

Public schools
The native English speakers find steady employment in the public schools. The teaching jobs in the schools are limited between 22 to 30 hours.

TEFL teachers are also needed to teach at the university level.

Volunteer teaching
English teachers are also recruited by organizations like Peace Corps, Volunteer Service Overseas in the UK and other NGOs. Many church and religious organizations also sponsor ESL teachers to teach the poor destitute children.
Some popular ESL Job destinations: Some of the most popular ESL destinations are Spain, Russia, Italy, Poland, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Greece, Czech Republic, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

Teachers of English
All that an individual need, to be an ESL teacher, is to have a TEFL certificate, a degree in any discipline from any accredited university, a valid passport and permit to work in foreign soil. Some schools and institutions in certain countries may overlook the lack of degree in an ESL teacher but TEFL certification is an essential pre-requisite for recruiting a teacher. The TEFL certification will transfer within a short time a native speaker into a qualified English teacher. The typical contract is for 6-12 months.

The notable advantage of Teaching English around the world being the brevity of the assignment which allows one to work while on a holiday in the foreign country or during a gap year or to find a placement as a Summer Job and earn an International Teaching experience which in the long-run benefits a first time English teacher. Facilities like accommodation and food allowances are at times inclusive as supplementary facilities for an English teacher; it's definitely an advantage of Teaching English Abroad.

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