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7 Tips To Survive And Thrive In A Classroom As A Substitute Teacher

 26th March 2024

One of the most selfless professions on the earth is substitute teaching. It's similar to teaching, but without the regularity of a daily schedule, annual income, or benefits. As teachers who have completed courses in TEFL in Thailand, you step through a different classroom door every day, never knowing what's going to be there. Read on to learn about some suggestions for substitute instructors that will assist you in overcoming these obstacles and succeeding in the classroom. These suggestions will provide you with the skills you need to provide a positive and stimulating learning environment, from establishing connections with pupils to handling problems in the classroom.

7 Survival Tips For Substitute Teachers To Thrive In A Classroom

Here are some tips to help your day-to-day life as a substitute teacher a little bit easier:

1. Reach Your Workplace Early

Being early in the classroom is one of the best tactics for substitute instructors. You can become acquainted with the classroom design, the teaching resources, and any particular instructions that the usual instructor may have left by arriving early.

Use this time to go over the lesson plans, get the supplies you'll need, and prepare the classroom for the day's activities. Being organized ahead of time helps boost your self-assurance. Being well-prepared also makes it possible to quickly handle any unanticipated obstacles, which makes the day go more smoothly and successfully.

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2. Understand Your Colleagues

One of the most important things substitute teachers can do to expand their network is to cultivate solid ties with their coworkers. Introduce yourself to other instructors, administrators, and support personnel without holding back. Building strong relationships with other professionals will help you feel more included at the school.

They could have useful tools or supplies that might improve your instruction. Maintaining regular communication with colleagues will also help you better understand the special needs and characteristics of the pupils you'll be working with, which can improve instructional delivery and classroom management.

3. Develop A Routine

A pleasant tone is created for the whole course by establishing a routine that is both regular and structured at the start of each class. As soon as the pupils walk into the classroom, greet them, provide a quick explanation of the day's schedule, and introduce yourself. This contributes to the inviting and upbeat environment.

Establish a regular schedule that consists of recording attendance, going over any pertinent notes or assignments, and leading the class in a quick warm-up or icebreaker exercise. A well-organized routine makes kids feel safe and facilitates a seamless transition into the learning process. When substitute instructors establish a pattern, they not only efficiently run the classroom but also foster a learning atmosphere.

4. Build Rapport With Students

Developing a close relationship with pupils is essential for a successful substitute teaching assignment. This promotes a sense of trust and respect, showing genuine interest in their lives and experiences. Furthermore, pay close attention to their ideas and worries, and when necessary, offer assistance and encouragement. Building a strong rapport with pupils encourages a helpful learning environment and increases their receptivity to instruction.

To come out as approachable and relatable, you can introduce yourself briefly. Recognize and commend their accomplishments while paying close attention to their particular requirements. In addition to making classroom management easier, a strong relationship between the substitute teacher and the students also makes learning more pleasurable and fulfilling.

5. Familiarize Yourself With The Various Needs

It's important to become familiar with the regulations and procedures of the school before taking on a substitute teaching job. Read the school handbook, familiarize yourself with the emergency protocols, and comprehend the expectations on behavior and discipline. With this information, you'll be able to better comprehend the school atmosphere and make sure that both you and the children have a positive experience.

Additionally, try to get to know your pupils as well. Note any particular requirements or difficulties they might be experiencing. With the use of this information, you will be able to offer a more inclusive and customized learning environment where every student feels heard and encouraged.

6. Keep A Backup Plan

Successful substitute teaching is characterized by flexibility, and having a backup plan is an essential tactic. Unexpected events can happen, including broken equipment or instructional materials. Prepare additional resources or other activities that are simple to include in the lesson.

Plan readily executed alternate activities or classes to prevent disturbances and maintain student engagement. These fallback options may include instructive games, conversation groups, or even quick topic-related films. Having a backup plan shows flexibility and guarantees that instruction runs well. Maintaining control of the classroom is made possible for substitute instructors by being prepared for unanticipated events.

7. Discipline Can Be Fun

Keeping the classroom atmosphere in order and productive requires discipline. Establishing discipline as a substitute teacher might be difficult since you don't have the same connection and interaction with your kids as regular instructors have. Nonetheless, a useful tactic is to make discipline enjoyable.

You may engage pupils and motivate them to obey rules by including entertaining and creative aspects into your disciplinary approach. You may also incorporate interactive games or activities that promote good conduct and make following rules fun for all parties. When students see punishment as enjoyable, they are more likely to react well to it and take an active role in preserving a peaceful learning environment.

Surviving A Day As A Substitute Teacher

With these ideas, you as substitute teachers may not only successfully manage the complexity of the classroom, but also excel in a role that brings its own unique set of problems. Even when you have completed a Bachelor of Education in TESOL, you might encounter certain difficulties in the classroom. Being flexible, passionate, and dedicated to encouraging a love of learning is essential for a substitute teacher to not only survive but also thrive in the ever-changing field of education.

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Written By : Sanjana

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