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Visa Hacks You Need To Teach In Thailand

 9th November 2021

Thailand is one of the most vibrant countries in the world. If you are planning to teach English in Thailand and want to settle there, you in the right track. Teaching in Thailand will require you to have a bachelor’s degree and a certification in International Advanced Diploma in TESOL/TEFL program. Besides, while traveling to Thailand you must make sure that all your document are healthy and are not near to any expiration.

In order to work in Thailand, the type of visa you need will depend upon the country you’re belonging from and the type of teaching job you’re opting for. Whether you are being hired in Bangkok or you have got the job before your arrival will also determine the type of visa you will need.

Type of visa you need:

Generally, you will require a Non-B immigrant visa to work as a teacher in Thailand. A non-B immigrant’s visa will cost 80 USD for a one-time entry if it is processed in the USA. This amount is payable to Royal Thai Embassy and just the money order is accepted. Often, this amount is non-refundable.

In order to avail of this visa, a background check of the applicants is mandatory. The background check can be either a Federal background check or a local police check. If you want to start processing the visa after reaching Thailand, your background check will be done by the Thailand police department.

You have to show your university degrees or anything equivalent. You have to present your address verification proof, any medical certificate, or original transcript if required. Your visa will have the same length as per your contract with the school in Thailand. However, the rules and regulations regarding the visa are subject to change as per the country’s laws.

Steps to avail of the visa:

TEFL/TESOL courses in Thailand or online TESOL/TEFL certification will help you grab a decent teaching job in Thailand. In order to get a Non-B immigrant visa, you must produce the following documents.

An original visa application form that is totally filled only in black or blue ink.
Your passport is a mandatory form of document and it should not have an expiration date within the coming 6 months.
2 copies of passport size photographs not older than 6 months are required. The photographs should not be photocopied. Your photographs must have a light background and your face should not be covered with anything.
There should be proof of flight reservation in your name.
The offer letter or letter of appointment, issued by the institution of Thailand.
You must give original documents required like school certificates, bachelor’s degrees, TESOL/TEFL certificates, etc.
Your resume should have every minute detail of your experience, work span, schooling experience, your special skills, hobbies, etc.
Another most important thing that must be done is the background check. Proof of background, checked either by the Federal department or the local police should be produced.
Your criminal record should be clean and you must have legal evidence to back your statement.
If you’re going to teach in an international school that is not yet listed as a known international school, then you must provide a copy of approval from the Private Education Commission department.

Thus, following the basic guidelines, you can avail of the required kind of visa you need to teach English as a foreign language in the schools of Thailand. It is always advisable not to apply for a visa too early because in that case, the date of expiration might arrive early as well. 

Post checking your documents, the school or any academic institutions you will be working for will start working on your teaching license and work permit. Once this job is done, you have to visit the immigration office to collect the Non-B immigrant visa whose span will be the same as the length of your teaching contract. All you need is a TEFL/TESOL Courses in Thailand program!

Written By : Park Jin Ae

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