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Things To Know About Living In South Korea!

 14th January 2022

South Korea – a well-known developed country in East Asia, with a captivating culture is surely one of the TEFL destinations. A fast-paced economic country has a lot to offer to professionals coming from different places. Nevertheless, before Living in South Korea, it is a good idea for any TEFLers to know a bit about what to expect from a country. it provides a scope to adjust better, rather than to get suddenly surprised and uncomfortable with all the transition. So if you are thinking about moving to South Korea to teach there. This blog is for you.

Before hopping onto the plane, here are a few things you need to know about South Korea –

Cost of Living

Korea as a TEFL destination can be a bit expensive place to live, especially if you are trying to move to the capital city, the biggest monthly expense will be house rent, but if you get the accommodation as an English teacher, the good news is you don’t need to worry about it. However, be mindful that the cost majorly depends on the lifestyle, which is very different in each case.

If you are someone who regularly goes out to drink or eat outside a lot of meat and likes to go to restaurants saving may not be much for you. But if your mind is set on saving money, you can certainly save up by keeping a check on how you want to spend your salary and what are your priorities. It mostly happens that young TEFLers believe in living life to the fullest, which is a powerful and expansive way of living life;SouthKorea can be a dream destination that offers the depth of rich since beauty.

Extreme Weather

In Korea, both summer and winter have extreme hot and cold weather. The summer is unbearable humid and hot, and winter is icy and freezing cold. So you need to have your clothing options for all seasons, starting from warm clothes to simple comfy clothes to have appropriate all-round choices.

South Korea Has Hard Working Culture

The work culture in South Korea is exceptionally intense. People there work for long hours. Being one of the fastest-growing countries economically in the world, so there is a tendency to increase the working hours to achieve the desired output. However, in most schools working hours should not be more than 40 hours per week that is usually mentioned in your teaching hours in the contract.

Get That Travel Insurance

Even if your school is providing you the health insurance, it is a good idea to get travel insurance for the initial period of moving. if there is any flight delay, lost luggage, or even accidents, to cover your hospital bills expenses travel insurance, can save you a great deal.

Your Takeaway

Moving to a different country always comes with its unique pros and cons. Not to mention, moving to a new place is anyway an unpredictable journey. Korea is truly a fascinating country, the one that has a lot to offer to each visitor, also known as the home of some incredible festivals that you will get to experience. starting from celebrating Buddha’s birthday at Buddha’s Birthday Festival to enjoying cherry blossoms at the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival these are the all time talk of the people. Undoubtedly, living in South Korea as an English teacher can be a blissful experience as you get to teach students of a different cultural background. Teaching English in South Korea with TEFL Course is the easiest way to get a job there.

Written By : Ashwini Chandra

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