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Fraud Alert – Important Notice

Fraud Alert – Important Notice

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) unfortunately confirms that few fraudsters are taking undue advantage by misguiding the prospective employers and providing them with fake and unauthorized ACT certificates. Fake certificate and degree fraud have become a rampant practice in today’s times and employers must be aware of it to protect them being duped with fake training certificates. It has come to our notice that fraudsters are using fake Asian College of Teachers certificates to secure jobs in reputed organizations. Although it is necessary for all companies to have dedicated background verification teams, yet not all companies have the means to verify the authentication of certificates. Just as educational institutions take increasingly high-end security measures to protect the integrity of their documents, likewise, fraudsters also develop their own versions of seals and holograms that look like original. Unscrupulous candidates get in touch with fake certificate providers and present fake certificates and transcripts to employers as genuine.

ACT recommends the employers across the globe to always check the logos on the certificate provided by the candidates with our website and always ask to see the original certificate and not a photocopy. This is a small initiative from us to help employers hire the right candidate and not an unscrupulous one that they will regret later on as we believe that a bad hire can cost an institution money, time and reputation. Therefore, every employer must double check all the requisite documents to be 100 percent sure that the teachers they are hiring are the right fit before bringing them into their classrooms.

To verify the certificates issued by Asian College of Teachers, employers are requested to follow the steps below: -

  • Always check the authenticity of the certificate with Asian College of Teachers
  • At Asian College of Teachers, we have provisions for the employers who can authenticate our certificate via online verification through our secured link  by using the student ID which is a unique code for each of our students.
  • You can also check the candidature of the existing students still pursuing the course through online student status verification
  • One can legalize and notarize the certificates after the verification of its authenticity of that can be done online through our verification link or by sending a mail
  • to

If you feel that you have been a victim of a fraud, report it to immediately.

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