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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Employer-Approved Online TEFL Courses

 19th January 2024

In today’s world, teaching English as a Foreign language (TEFL) has become of popular career choice for many. However, one must acquire a TEFL certification before embarking on their TEFL teaching journey to any of their favourite destination. The certification ensures that you have the necessary qualifications and teaching skills to excel in the TEFL teaching industry.

The online TEFL certification institute providers number has been increasing day by day, many aspiring teachers are having the same question of whether the TEFL certification they are choosing to pursue will get recognized by employers and whether the certification is credible or not. In the below image, you can get to know some of the significant points you must keep in mind before opting for any online TEFL certification course.

TEFL certification course


In this blog post, we will get to know how to choose the right online TEFL course and what significant points you need to keep in mind while opting for any online TEFL certification course.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Will Online TEFL Certification Get Recognized by Employers?

Some common question pops up in every TEFL teacher aspirant-

“Will online TEFL get me hired overseas?”

“Do all online TEFL courses qualify for TEFL teaching abroad?

“Do employers prefer online or in-person TEFL qualifications?

“Which online TEFL courses are recognized by reputable employers?”

Well, the answer simply depends on from which institute you are pursuing your online TEFL course and if the TEFL course is accredited or not. For that you know the difference between accredited and non-accreditated online TEFL courses, which we will get to know later on.

There’s an old belief that every employer will consider those individuals only if they have pursued courses from a reputable and recognized institute. The same belief applies in the TEFL industry as well. Employers consider those individuals who have pursued TEFL certification courses from a recognized institute like the Asian College of Teachers which is accredited and have completed the online certification course for at least 120 hours.

Additionally, employers of well-known institutes understand that aspirants may have other commitments while pursuing their certification course, so they don’t care if the course is being pursued whether in-person or online, both are valid. The most important factor for employers is TEFL certification course should be from a well-recognized institute, accredited, and have top quality.

Importance of Accreditation

One of the key factors that employers consider is they always look for whether the online TEFL course is accredited or not. The main difference between accredited and non-accredited online TEFL courses is the difference in the quality of the course and its value in the TEFL teaching industry.

Accreditation is a kind of stamp of authenticity that gives both employers and pursuant assurance that the course is meeting a certain standard of quality and effectiveness in the education industry.

The assurance comes from the fact that institutes like the Asian College of Teachers possess accreditation from reputable bodies like– Ofqual, the British Accreditation Council, QAHE, and ASIC for their online TEFL course.

So before opting for any TEFL course provider, it’s best to check whether their course has a top-notch level of accreditation from well-known accreditation bodies. This will ensure that the course materials, teaching methods, and assessment processes have undergone a rigorous screening process and meet the industry standards.

Factors To Consider While Choosing an Online TEFL Course

While you’re choosing any TEFL certification course online, there are some factors that you must keep in mind which will ensure that the quality of the course is top-notch, meets TEFL teaching market standard and at the same time easy to afford for you. Below we have shared some of the factors that will ease out the process of choosing the right TEFL certification course:

1. Accreditation

As we have mentioned earlier, accreditation is one of the important factors that every employer looks for before hiring. You must opt TEFL certification course from a reputable and recognized institute that has received accreditation from various recognized accreditation bodies. This will ensure that your TEFL certification will be recognized and valued by every employer where you apply for a teaching job.

2. Reviews

You can also consider reading reviews from the past students of that course provider institute which will give you valuable insights and help you understand the quality of the TEFL course. You can consider platforms like-, Trustpilot, and Google Reviews to check the feedback.

3. Reputation Internationally

You must consider how good the reputation of the TEFL course provider institute is. You can verify the reputation by checking. Do they collaborate with international companies or government programs? Do their former students can land any TEFL teaching job abroad or not? If the answer is yes, then you can rest assured that the TEFL course provider institute has a good reputation in the international TEFL community.

4. Course Content Quality & Curriculum

Course content and curriculum is one of the important factors, which you must consider to evaluate. Make sure it covers all the topics related to the latest and necessary English language teaching skills and methodologies.

Look for courses like Live Online TEFL Course, which covers modules on classroom management, lesson planning, teaching methodologies, and assessment techniques.

5. Availability of Experienced Educators

You must also consider checking whether the course educator is experienced enough to teach or not. The availability of experienced educators ensures that you will get proper guidance, doubt clearance, and time-to-time valuable feedback, which will help you to become a capable TEFL teacher.

6. Flexibility

Many of the TEFL teaching aspirants have different commitments and responsibilities to fulfill and may need the TEFL course to be flexible. If you have a full-time job and other responsibilities then an online TEFL course that offers flexibility can prove to be a boon. You can look for a course like Live Online TEFL Course, which offers the opportunity to attend the classes from anywhere and also access to recordings to watch when you’re free.

7. Cost

Cost and budget is one of the essential factors for many aspiring TEFL teachers. You can look out for affordable online TEFL courses accepted by most employers that fit within your budget and don’t impact your daily essential expenses.

Which Online TEFL Course You Should Not Consider To Pursue?

As the demand for TEFL teachers is increasing day-by-day so does the number of online TEFL course providers. There are many course providers, which will offer you sunshine, and rainbows but the end will disappoint you.

Many online TEFL courses are available which come at unbelievable prices and claim that they are associated with recognized accreditation bodies. Well, if you see these signs associated with any course provider then it’s probably a scam and you should stay away from it.

Choosing The Right TEFL Course Has Become Easier

Many TEFL teacher aspirants have common questions in their mind like-

  • Which online TEFL courses are recognized by reputable employers?
  • Will online TEFL get me hired overseas?
  • Do all online TEFL courses qualify for teaching jobs abroad?
  • Affordable online TEFL courses are accepted by most employers.

If you also have all these questions in mind then you are in luck because all these questions have been covered in this blog in detail.

So, start pursuing courses like Live Online TEFL Course, which is accredited, recognized globally, and affordable today, to start your successful TEFL teaching journey.

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Written By : Abhishek

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