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Is There Any Way To Avoid Confusion In The Classroom As An ESL Teacher?

 23rd December 2022

Other than teaching in the classroom, one of the most important responsibilities of a teacher is to look at whether every student is able to understand what they are teaching in the classroom or not.

As you might have already started your journey of teaching English in Bangkok, you also might come across a certain situation where you may have witnessed a particular student having a blank look on their face, very confused, and having no clue what is going on in the class.

After completing your TEFL training practice you might have thought that to become great ESL teacher, all you need to do is teach English as a second language with proper grammar and punctuation.

However, there are more expectations that you need to fulfill during your tenure of teaching English in Bangkok. As Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, the fluency rate of English over there is very less.

According to, Thailand comes 100th in the fluency rate of speaking English compares to other 102 other countries in 2021.

speaking English compares countries

As students feel uncomfortable while learning English in general over there, in Bangkok as an ESL teacher you need to have an idea if your students understand the lessons properly or if they’re facing confusion while learning.

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Now, let’s get to know what actions you can take to prevent confusion in the classroom:

1. Make Students Comfortable:

At the beginning of your Teaching English in Bangkok journey, you need to build rapport with each and every student which is present in the class.

Try to know them on a personal level as much as possible, by asking ice-breaking questions like, What are your hobbies, What do they like to do in their free time? In addition, most importantly their motive to learn the English language and what they want to accomplish with that.

Asking these kinds of questions shows students that you have a genuine interest in knowing them and they can feel comfortable in the class without any hesitation they can ask their queries.

2. Make learning fun & Interesting:

In your TEFL training practice, you might have learned that students understand lessons better when a teacher teaches with the help of real-life examples, visual learning, and auditory learning method.

To become great ESL teacher, start taking the help of the visual learning method, and auditory method with real-life examples so that students can relate while learning.

For ex- You can play recordings of a conversation in English and ask students to repeat the statements.

3. Test their learning progress:

As an ESL teacher, you need to keep an eye on every student's progression in class. You can give them homework related to the lessons you have taught and on the next day you can give grades and feedback on where they’re falling short and need to work on it. You can even organize fun activities in class like quizzes and fill in the blanks, to check if they are learning right or not.

4. Let them make mistakes:

Create an environment in your classroom where students have the freedom to make mistakes and make them understand that the more they make mistakes, the more they get better with time.

If the students feel that nobody’s going to judge if they make errors in speaking English, then the real learning will start. Because their fear of practicing English in front of the class is gone.

Final Thoughts:

The journey of an ESL teacher while Teaching English in Bangkok is quite a task in itself. Because the fluency rate of speaking English in Bangkok is very low, so the student's attention towards learning English is quite less.

To become great ESL teacher in Bangkok, you must be able to understand whether any student is facing any confusion in class or not. From your side try to make the lessons interactive, engaging, and easy to understand as much as possible so that students participate more in class and they understand better.

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Written By : Abhishek

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